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Biomedical Electronics

Gijuwie Biomedical Electronics Company Limited was established in the year 2007 and incorporated on Nov 17, 2011 (RC No 994224) to provide high quality medical /laboratory equipment services to her customers. Some of these services include import, export, procurement, sale, installation, service of medical and laboratory equipment, diagnostic kits/reagents and disposables, equipment rental and consultancy services to Hospital and medical centers.

Our employees and management have over 10 years of experience in selling, servicing and installing of medical and laboratory equipment. “Our technical background is our strength.”

We also provide turnkey projects, which include consulting, project management installation and services. All of our products come with a full one-year warrantee, which will be supported by our own engineers.

Gijuwie Biomedical Electronics Company Ltd believes that integrity; honesty, fairness, and trust in God should be the foundation of a successful business. We strive to provide the appropriate equipment and service that meets the particular needs of each of our valued customer.

To be a world – class medical and laboratory equipment supplier and Service Company, adding value to life, customers, creating wealth for shareholders, employees, and the society.

In a dynamic society, there is no doubt that advances in Medical and Laboratory Equipment technology is progressing further daily. This does not mean that technology is playing the role of the doctor. Rather, this makes it possible for a closer contact between the patient and physician, and to this end is a tool to support doctors, to become his eyes and hands to quick and accurate diagnoses and treatment. Through our partnership with the health sector, we procure, sale, install and service high quality medical and laboratory equipment and work actively in the Medical Field, thereby contributing to early diagnosis and treatment of diseases, health maintenance and improvement of quality of life of the people.