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Biomedical Electronics

Technical Support
Gijuwie service representative provides technical support regarding application and breakdown calls to customers and distributors via phone, mail, orally, or by any means during the entire life cycle of instruments sold by Mindray.

Spare Parts Support
Gijuwie and its partners have enough spare parts inventory for all products for at least 5 years after production is officially stopped.

Gijuwie and its partners provide different levels of training to customers, distributors and service partners including marketing, operation, application and troubleshooting, etc. We have various types of course: web-based, on-site or internal, scheduled and on demand.

Field Service
Gijuwie service representatives provide preventive maintenance, calibration, breakdown repair and other field services on request.
*Field service may be provided by authorized Gijuwie service providers. The type of field services provided in different regions may vary according to local service providers.

Gijuwie has various upgrade solutions as an added-value service to meet customer’s requirements for function, application or performance.
*Upgrade may not

Warranty Extension
Gijuwie offers a warranty extension program to customers to help control service costs and share risk of investment.

Service Contract
Gijuwie offer a multiform service contract to customers.

On Demand Service
Gijuwie and its partners provide an on demand service to customers by agreement