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  • 19’ high resolution LCD Monitor
  • 10.4’ anti-glare touch panel
  • Articulating arm
  • Convinient cable hook
  • Gel warmer

An Expert You Can Rely On

Scanning for technically difficult patients (TDP) becomes even more challenging for physicians, while image quality is critical for confident diagnosis. DC-8 Exp brings together a new set of innovative solutions to enhance the experience of conducting ultrasound exams for patients across all ages and body types. Mindray’s proprietary probe technology and user-defined interface that would enable you to provide an expert diagnosis.



mQuadro, Mindray’s high end ultrasound architecture, empowers DC-8 Exp to offer fast and reliable diagnosis, making it an optimum choice during diagnosis of difficult patients. The name mQuadro signifies the combination of four innovative technica aspects, including high speed hardware module, advanced frontal transmission/reception, powerful parallel processing, and patent intelligent algorithms, which together raise the diagnostic capability into a new level.

Advanced Echo Boost

Mindray’s consecutive breakthrough for best ultrasound image visualization, extends Mindray patent intelligent image fusion from phased array to linear array transducers

ART Flow (Automatic Recognition Transient Flow)

Mindray exclusive technology for deep vascular scanning, acquiring hard-to-detect blood flow with superb color sensitivity

UWN+ Contrast Imaging

2nd generation UWN CEUS makes best use of both 2nd harmonic and non-linear fundamental signals, conducting precise transmission control for a higher CTR (Contrast/Tissue Ratio).

Natural Touch Elastography

Based on Mindray’s latest patent technology, Natural Touch Elastography reduces dependence on user’s operation technique, improving operator’s reproducibility with higher stiffness sensitivity and good stability.


Allow users to highlight pathology on vascular anatomy map.


Standardize and simplify the workflow, let you be more focused on the patient and diagnosis

Smart Doppler

Automatically positioning color box and doppler gate placement inside vessel to ensure quick color and spectral doppler imaging


Interactive App that could transfer clinical images/cines and reports from DC8 Exp to IOS smart devices via WiFi


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